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Welcome to my game development journey. I just started re-making an old game I did a few years back, but this time with better graphics and resolution.

This game has RPG elements combined with top-down shooter parts. It has been inspired by classics such as Super Metroid, Zelda, and Deus Ex.

Development right now is still really early, and so I came up with a playable demo of a small sample of what is to come.

You play as an agent named Andrew who was sent out to a research facility to investigate a shady operation, and you have to return to headquarters with whatever data I find. The part of the game I released to you guys to play is a boss fight with basic mechanics. Many features are not yet available, but right now I'm looking for feedback to see what I can improve in the game.

I will regularly update this page with more screenshots as I come up with more art work. My direction of art is an attempt to combine 16-bit elements with the more realistic PC game graphics with sprite animations.

Let me know your opinions on everything: the animations, art direction, mechanics, design, etc. or suggest to me what I can improve.


Planetarium.exe 9 MB

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